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VOA (30 days) : 35 USD at Airport

Extend VOA (30 days) : IDR 500,000
Immigration Office :
- Immigration Office Denpasar
Jl. Panjaitan 3, Denpasar. +62 361 227 828
Monday – Friday : 8AM – 4PM

- Immigration Office Ngurah Rai
Jl. Raya Taman Jimbaran 1, Jimbaran. +62 361 935 1038
Monday – Friday : 8AM – 4PM
Document Requirements
1. Original Passport (it will be kept by the immigration office during the process)
2. The sticker of visa on arrival on your passport and payment receipt.
3. The application form that you can get from the immigration officer
4. Ticket to leave Indonesia
How to Submit the Application
- Go to Immigration Office. To avoid long queue, better you come early at 8 or 9 AM.
- Try to find “Foreigner Section” building.
- You should get one ticket from the machine, when your turn you go to the counter and ask the staff about application form for visa extension.
- You fill it (bring pen if you have any!), then submit it to the counter together with your documents. The officer will do some checking, and when all look okay, the officer will hand you a receipt plus the information about when you have to come again to do the photo and interview process.
- When the time (usually it takes several days) comes, you can give the receipt to the counter and pay around IDR 355,000. Do the photo session and interview (if needed), then done! Actually not really done, as they may inform you about when you can get your passport back.
As a summary, so these are the phases:
1. First: get the form and submit it along with other documents and passport.
2. Second: photo and interview session (if needed).
3. Third: take your passport.

Each phase takes around 2-4 days. That’s probably why the rule of thumb says you should go to the office around 1 week before the expiration date.
Can I just extend the visa by the time I get the visa on arrival?

No. You can’t. You have to enter Indonesia and then apply for visa extension at nearest immigration office before the expiration date.

When should I start the process of visa extension?

The rule of thumb is around 1 week or 7 days before the expiration date. It’s the safe threshold. Though I once helped a friend whose expiration date was less than that. But of course, it’s not something I’d like to suggest.

How many times should I come to the immigration office?

At least three times, as explained above as the phases you would have to go through. For the second phase (photo session), you would have no choice to come there physically.

However I also have experienced that the applicant didn’t need to come there three times. As the second and third phase were done on the same day. It happened in Jakarta, but not often. The point is: there’s a possibility to be shorter.

Can I extend for two times?

No, you can not. You can only extend your visa once. Then when it expires, you have to leave Indonesia. Some people would do visa run to the nearest (and cheapest) country to go to from Indonesia, like Singapore or Malaysia. While Darwin in Australia also may have interesting ticket promotion, though not so often.

As the alternative, you may apply for a different visa (like ‘social visa’ or other kinds) that technically allows you to stay longer in Indonesia than the regular tourist visa.